How Touch of Herbs came to life

Our journey started many years ago in a time most of us have forgotten. Having been born and raised in Germany, our ancestors in Europe have passed herbal remedies from one generation to the next. We at Touch of Herbs want to bring a touch of the past back into your life, and let you become part of reconnecting with nature and the gifts mother earth provides to all of us.

I am Sabi and I am thirty-three years, and married since 11 years to an American veteran with whom I have two beautiful children. I am originally from Germany and we moved to the United States in 2014. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with a stage 4 Colon carcinoma. I underwent chemotherapy, surgeries and I recovered. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome a rare genetic defect that is found in very young people that have a diagnosis of colon cancer or cancer in the ovaries. It was that time in my life my grandmother started teaching me all about herbs and their benefits. She brewed me all kinds of teas with recipes she had from her mother. From this day on I made it my goal to help and educate others about herbs and the powers they hold within. I am not saying you can cure everything with an herb giving the very fact that due to chemo treatment and the wonderful care of my Oma and Mama, i am here today 14 years later, but i do know with certainty that there is so many things were herbal medicine can help and assists us with many daily struggles we all face everyday.

Especially in my country of Germany there has been a great source of knowledge all around me. My grandma always used to say before we had pharmacies we had the woods , the flowers, the fields , that was our pharmacy even the trees resins were used to make creams and still till today all of those practices are very common in Europe. When I came to America 4 years ago I started making those teas and creams for my husbands family members and friends. Seeing that there was a lack of herbal knowledge and quality herbal products available I knew what I had to do, and so I started with the help of my Husband and Mother-in-Law our business Touch of Herbs. From this day on you can find us on local craft shows, expos and even herbal house parties. We have a selected outstanding partnerships with companies and small businesses that retail our products in their stores. I am so happy to have the chance to bring a touch of herbs into peoples everyday life.

What is our purpose? We strive to live a life connecting to nature and what is giving to us from this beautiful planet we all get to walk on. This is what we would like you to become part of. We have a deep love for what we do and are thankful of being able to give you a Touch of Herbs into your lives, and let you become part of this wonderful journey.

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